How to start your Acro Training 

We figured that the hardest thing when starting a new discipline is figuring out how to start. 
It is easy to be overwhelmed by all the offers.

Once you learned something, you don't want to waste time searching for another class, that is not repetitive to the one you already did. 

Here we created a series which has a progressive approach. All classes are building up on each other. 

You learn how to warm-up, the basic postures and how to flow. You learn how to train Acro Yoga for yourself. 

Download the free training plan and get started. The Videos you can find on our YouTube Channel, Movement Link.

Once you want more, you can go for our Pro Training Plan, which includes 5 more videos and a PDF Book which takes detailed a look at all the postures. 

Therefor get in contact with us. 

training plan acro for dummies.jpg

Download the Acro Yoga Basic plan here.