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Hi, my name is Marie and this is My Story: 

I remember being 6 years old and telling my parents that I want to do circus. Well, I was told that I am too old.

With 13 years I wanted to become a dancer, but the idea of not being good enough has grown inside me. 

Movement was always a part of me: I was blessed to be able to go to dance, football, and martial arts classes. I never strove to achieve something with my passion. I was flowing and learning. With 13 I started teaching Hip-Hop dance classes for children.

This is when my passion for teaching developed – I love the process of learning and creating together and there is no better feedback than the smile of a student.

After finishing Highschool I went traveling with circus people in Central America. They taught me how to do acrobatics in the streets. When I came back to Berlin, acrobatics was not as trendy as today so I started teaching my friends what I knew, and by repeating these few tricks, again and again, I build up my foundation for today.

Acrobatics is playful. It shows you how to release your inner child.

I didn’t know what yoga was for by then.

I was 18 and I just started studying and was happy with my life - I still am happy . But, what I want to say is, that I was not actively searching for something “more”.

My idea of yoga was based on a 30-minute yoga-workout DVD. I tried it a couple of times, and left it aside, concluding that yoga was easy. Because, as a dancer, it was easy to do the postures.

Through acrobatics, I got to know an Ashtanga-Yoga teacher. After my first, let’s call it “real class”, I was sweating like never before. Damn! It felt like this breathing thing in yoga changed the whole game and suddenly my little monkey mind was quiet. 

Stillness. Just for a moment. 

In Ashtanga Yoga, you learn a sequence and you keep practicing this one sequence for years. So, it’s not about collecting postures or show off. It can be a real introverted practice.

You to do it alone, every day. There are no excuses, just the sound of your breath.

I presume that by developing a daily yoga routine, I started to perceive my body and mind differently.

This is how my yoga journey has begun, how my motivation for training started to be rather on a mental level than on a physical level.

So nowadays, I am a yoga and acrobatics instructor. For several years I taught regular classes in Berlin and workshops on festivals or retreats. I did performances on events, model jobs for yoga clothes and worked as a content producer in a yoga startup.

After finishing my studies in Biology in Spanisch, I decided to learn more. My aim is to learn more about psychology and physiology starting from the base. So, I decided to study medicine. 

This is why I will move out of Berlin and why I can't hold regular offline classes in Berlin. 

I still love teaching. Especially, taking time for working 1 on 1. Here I can provide more specialised information and the connection between me and my students grow to another level. In my opinion private coaching combined with a determined self practice is the best way how to learn. 


Even when I teach, I will always stay a student.